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An 8-Month Virtual Personal Growth Academy to Advance your Inner Healing and Catapult You Into Your Kingdom Purpose through Mentorship and Peer Support.

Do you wish you could rise from the ashes of past pain and doubt to answer the call of greatness from within?

Are you ready to elevate your life, purpose and love through healing, worthiness, and wholeness?

Have you been given a vision to birth but need help to BUILD it in this season?

Look no further… this is the LAST personal growth community you will ever need! 

The Worthy Healing Academy is an advanced inner-healing school of empowerment that will supernaturally change the way you see God, yourself, and your life.

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When you enroll in the Worthy Healing Academy, you will:

Receive instant access to our digital Worthy vault filled with high-level self-paced courses led by expert mentors.


Engage in LIVE group coaching sessions each month led by renowned healers, prophetic voices, business leaders, and more...

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Enroll Now! $88/month

There is a season for HEALING and a season for BUILDING.

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Over 20,000 Course Hours Downloaded.

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100% exclusive, private vault access.

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95% Completion

Success Rate

Explore some of the content in our Worthy vault...

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Cash in on your PASSION

Mastery-level training with former television and film executive turned producer and creator of "Just Jan’s" Jan Hogrewe.

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Join award winning actor (OWN’s Queen Sugar) and celebrated Thought leaders Dondré Whitfield and Shannon Evette as they dive deep into the realm of relationships.


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7 Days of Purpose

What would happen if you committed to let God lead you in your divine purpose for seven days?

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The Power of Self-Compassion

Learn to quiet your inner critic and flow in surrender and genuine love for yourself and follow your divine plan from the Heavenly Father.

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Power, Position AND Purpose For the single believer with Tony James and Steven James Dixon.

And MANY More...

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“Wow, just wow! The Worthy Healing Academy has surpassed my every expectation. Thank you, The teachings in the Academy truly unlocked a space of authenticity with God that I've been seeking to understand for my entire life, the tears are flowing as I type this... my life has changed!”

-Briana Brown- Outlaw

"WOW! The Worthy Healing Academy, Private Vault courses are mind-blowing! I  just finished listening to one of the healing sessions, and I feel so alive and energized, full of the Holy Spirit even though I am about to go to sleep. Thank you ever so much, Miss Shannon Evette; this teaching is truly anointed! I am so grateful to be alive today and to be able to learn. May God bless everyone in this Academy abundantly and always."

-Aber Ouma

“WOW, WOW! I have always been confused about calling, purpose, and assignment. Since joining the Worthy Healing Academy, I understand the different seasons of my purpose journey now. I am flowing in a deeper understanding of God, my gifts, and myself. This is the beginning of REAL life change for me. Thank you!”

-Charmaine Dunnings

"WOW! The anointed teaching sessions in the Worthy Healing Academy have been a real awakening for my soul! They have helped me become liberated from a “religious mindset.”  I AM OUT OF A BOX! I have removed my view of God from the limitations of the “BOX.” This is not random or a coincidence; this is a part of my destiny. I am at the right place at the right time. I keep returning to certain messages in our student vault again and again until the liberating truth is drilled in! I am grateful and free!"

-Ivette Medina

The Worthy Healing Academy courses are absolutely amazing; this was exactly what I needed. This gift of knowledge is so valuable. I am so grateful, tears of joy. Thank you! I can feel myself really growing through this experience. This is a “WOW” moment!

- Paulette Cunningham

WOW! Wow! Wow! My heart is so full, and so many of my old ways of thinking - those old paradigms - have shifted while listening to one of the Worthy Healing Academy recordings. With the wisdom and knowledge I've received here - I feel like I’m aligning with my destiny... which otherwise could have been eclipsed or aborted altogether. The Bible says we perish for lack of knowledge. Words can't express how grateful I am for this Academy and all the mentors. Joining is hands down one of the best decisions I made this year. Thank you all SO much! This has challenged, edified, and fortified me forever.”

-Nicole White

Enroll $88/month
Worthy Healing Academy

8 Monthly Payments of $88 USD
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Shannon Evette is an Inner-Healing Evangelist, Author, and Award-Winning Speaker, with a distinguished 25-year career in lifestyle wellness, worthiness, and the Ministry of Mental Health. The Worthy Healing Academy contains inspired sessions from Shannon’s critically acclaimed book, WORTHY, that will help you boost your self-esteem, activate your purpose and align with your destiny. You will rise in worth. You will expand in wholeness. You will grow in Divine Intelligence. With a dynamic team of Worthy Method Certified Coaches by my side serving you and a growing tribe of faith-centered seekers, We are a community consistently growing in the spiritual gifts of biblical wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. You will know the dominion you carry in your very being. You will rise daily in confidence, inner-peace, and spiritual authority. 

You are WORTHY to flourish in life and flourish in LOVE. 

You are worth the process your wholeness requires. Say “YES” to feeling better. Everyday.  

You are WORTHY of nothing Less...

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“I LOVE this Academy and the amazing team of mentors!! The Worthy Healing Academy is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given to myself. So excited about the daily mindset shifts and incredible changes that this program embodies. Looking forward to getting to know the new and improved version of myself!”

Catrina Griffin

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“The Worthy healing academy has forever changed how I view myself, and it has improved my walk with the Lord.”

Robbie Huckaby

“Shannon, since joining the Worthy Healing Academy, I am so full of the Holy Spirit! God is pruning old negative things away, and I can literally feel a tangible change inside me. This Worthy journey is so rich and liberating. I thank God for your gift, and I thank you for answering the call!”

Gwendolyn Burrell

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